high school

I just stood near my closet, brushing my hair after I showered. A bright red coat caught my eye. I just stood for a few seconds, staring at it. I used to wear that religiously.

I haven't worn it since October. It's been hanging there ever since.

I reached over and touched it. Remember what it used to be like. I belonged to something. I was a part of a team that was closer than any I'd been on; a part of a senior class that I loved dearly; a part of a whole school that I had to leave behind. High school. That was so much fun.

I wish I could belong again. Belong to a team that had the best people on this earth; belong to a school that had so much heart.

I could never belong to Niagara. I pay them, they belong to me. Never will I belong to a school like I belonged to Bville.

I miss it =(